Spring Maintenance of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

As winter retreats with its cold snow and ice, clients often find that the frigid months have not been too kind to their surrounding landscapes or their outdoor lighting installations, especially the lighting fixture hardware.  Residential snow-plowing, shoveling and snowblowers can wreak havoc on the most durable of lighting equipment.  Even the movement of frost heaves can push fixtures out of alignment. To top things off, the local squirrels will get in on the act and use your tree mounted up-lighting to stash their nuts. Yikes!
The best way to protect your landscape lighting investment in the colder seasonal climates is with an early spring overview to bring your system up to peak condition. Boston Lightscaping suggests the following maintenance steps:
  • adjusting and correcting fixture angles
  • proper cleaning of lighting lenses from winter debris
  • repairing expired lighting bulbs
  • repair any broken parts
By performing these basic minimal steps, we can return your outdoor lights to an “as new” condition. In addition, we suggest the following optional checklist for quality:
  • digital timer checking for accuracy and adjusted per customer specifications
  • checking and clean-out of transformer boxes which can become temporary nests for wasps and other insects
Lastly, we recommend an overall system assessment to determine whether lighting considerations such as down-lighting to driveways or up-lighting to larger specimen trees would maximize value.  We also recommend intentional over-sizing transformers at initial installations so that customers have the flexibility to expand their lighting systems. Many clients choose this option once they realize and experience the installation of a well executed lighting design.

To schedule your spring lighting review and maintenance program call Boston Lightscaping 978.828.5962 today!