The objective of residential landscape lighting is to add visual value to the property while adding functionality to the use of the outdoor spaces. Each client’s needs for lighting are unique and should be specific to their lifestyle. Designers must consider outdoor spatial configurations and architectures. Each lighting project is designed and installed to reflect the client’s unique requirements and aesthetic sense.

The discerning tastes that our clients have in architecture and landscape are more thoughfully expressed when properly lit. Subtle details that might have been overlooked or under-appreciated by the garden variety installer, can suddenly be brought into view. Distant boundaries that were previously hidden by night are now illuminated to create a greater sense of space. Specimen trees, water features and sculptures worthy of illumination will create focal points in the landscape. Path lights can be strategically placed to not only brighten walking paths and steps but can draw the eye through the landscape to the next destination point. Each light is part of a larger composition that creates a tapestry of light and shadow which makes the evening come to life.

We will install lighting fixtures of cast bronze and copper that patina over time and fade organically into the landscape.  We also have clients that request fixtures in stainless steel, powder coated aluminum and other quality materials and finishes to reflect their aesthetic sensibility and environmental conditions. Most of the fixtures we install in our residential projects are of commercial quality and are designed to withstand the elements for decades to come.

Behind the visible light fixtures, we implement the latest technologies to provide lighting systems that connect to home automation systems. These controlled systems work seamlessly and are accessible via easy to use mobile device apps. Wifi and Bluetooth technology allow for custom lighting sensors, digital timing, and multi-system communication. We can design a system that is tech savvy, yet simple to operate. Each part of the lighting system is technically and creatively designed to create a unique lighting experience for our clients.

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