Grafton Project

Date 2017
Location Grafton, MA
Residential Outdoor Lighting

Over time, clients tend to expand the design and layout of their outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting systems must naturally be designed at the outset to accommodate changes and expansions.

Our Solution

During the first phase of this landscape construction we designed a lighting system that met the following goals:

  • installation of outdoor transformer with capacity to handle future lighting fixtures and newly created spaces
  • tree lights set high into large oak trees for downlighting of a fire pit
  • path lights set into the hillside along stone steps to provide safe passage, highlighting of antique granite steps and surrounding perennial plants
  • directional uplights to highlight specimen trees, shrubs and natural a moss covered rock face

Three years later the client decided to expand the landscape space with an inground pool and patio. Because we planned for future lighting, we were able to connect all new lighting fixtures to centrally mounted transformer. Phase 2 goals were:

  • a series of cast bronze path lights set along the perimeter of pool patio for nighttime entertaining
  • directional uplights to highlight mature trees along edge of patio for both focal points and additional ambient light

In addition, we upgraded the digital timer to an app-based timer to give the homeowner control over the lighting with a mobile device. The system automatically turns on ½ hour before sunset and turns off at 11:00 pm. If the client is hosting a party that runs later into the night, the app allows a simple override to keep lights on for as long as the partly lasts.

With proper planning and design, Boston Lightscaping can create an outdoor lighting system that will work with your future desires to expand.