Gray Landscape Lighting

Date 2015
Location Andover, MA
Value $20,000
Client Private
Category Residential

Having recently completed a full backyard transformation consisting of a raised stone terrace, Japanese Maple, hillside plantings along a wood line and several foundation plantings, we had envisioned a landscape lighting plan that would accomplish the following goals:

  • create a soft downlighting affect on the terrace for nighttime dining and entertaining
  • uplight the Japanese Maple to create a strong focal point seen from both the terrace space and from inside the home
  • uplight the raised planter for the Maple and outer terrace retaining walls to add ambient lighting at stairways and to highlight stone texture
  • use of directional lights to highlight large service berry trees along the back woodline to expand the visual space of the back yard
  • incorporate path lights on the walkway leading to the terrace

Our Solution

Cast bronze fixtures were used within planting beds and in the lawn space that would patina over time to disappear into the surroundings. White powder coated downlights were placed on the home’s soffits to match white trim that would produce moonlit affects onto the terrace. Lighting transformers were wired to dimmers and scene selector switches inside the home to allow for customized regional lighting effects.

The result was a functional and beautiful system that allows the client’s family to get the most out of the investment they’ve made into their outdoor space.