New Hampshire Lakes Region Landscape Lighting

With the autumn season well underway and the sun dipping below the large oak tree lines behind our houses, darkness sets early in the neighborhood and just before dinner. It’s a great time to appreciate the landscape lights extending the views of the fall foliage into the evening. But when does the show really begin?

With landscape lighting, timing is everything.

When company arrives for dinner, they are greeted by warm path lights that lead them up the walkway to the front entrance. Soft uplights capture the scarlet color of the small Japanese Maple to the left of the front door. Architectural uplights highlight the board and batten facade of our home and silhouette the ornamental grasses along the house.

With the advancement in digital timers, we’re able to program the lights for an automatic turn on approximately 1/2 hour before sunset each night. These timers know the latitude and longitude of our home and will calculate the exact sunset and sunrise time each day, even taking daylight savings time into effect.

We choose to keep our landscape lighting system on until sunrise for both the aesthetic effect and for security reasons. Some clients choose to have lighting turn off at a specific time each evening. The timing is completely adjustable to meet everyone’s unique and individual needs.

Dock Lighting NH Lakes Region

Our digital timers retrofit to outdoor transformer boxes and can be integrated with Wi-Fi as an option so that homeowners can program and control their outdoor lighting from a mobile device. Some clients choose to integrate the lighting system into their home automation systems which is always a great option. Each custom system and architecture can be configured for either simple or with advanced settings as desired.

With autumn season here, there’s no better time to discuss the value of residential or commercial outdoor landscape lighting. With Boston Lightscaping on your team, let’s discuss how we might improve your evening lifestyle. Call 978.828.5962 or write us today for an estimate.