Maintaining Your Landscape Lighting System

Landscape lighting fixtures are designed and constructed to withstand the elements without material degradation or loss of functionality. LED technologies typically allow lamp bulbs to last for years. Marine grade direct burial low voltage wire with crimp connections is designed to work hidden within your landscape for decades. With the longevity and quality of materials and design in modern lighting fixtures, why consider a maintenance plan?

Landscape lighting fixtures live among environments that are consistently changing. Consider the environmental and nature’s seasonal impacts on the following:

  • Tree mounted lights
  • Path lights set within perennial planting beds
  • In ground uplights highlighting specimen trees or shrubs
  • In ground well lights resting in your lawn

With each season’s growth, the plants that grow alongside installed lights grow and often block the beam angle of the lighting fixture. Over time the glass lens on well lights can become covered in debris to where light output is greatly diminished. Regular annual maintenance can keep these light fixtures in prime working order.

Each spring, after the winter season has passed, we recommend a full maintenance review where all fixtures are inspected for:

  • proper placement and working order
  • bulbs needing replacement with correct wattage, placement and beam angle
  • well light glass lenses are removed and polished clear
  • sod is edged around light
  • shrubs and specimen trees are expertly pruned to eliminate light blockage while keeping natural shape of plant intact.
  • transformers are opened and inspected to assure proper functionality
  • fixtures that have been damaged by snow removing equipment can be repaired and ready for spring’s arrival

While we encourage the natural patina of lighting fixtures to blend into the natural environment, we can, at the client’s request, renew the original finish with environmentally friendly materials. Copper, brass and stainless steel can be returned to their original luster.

To discuss how we can keep your landscape lighting system working at peak performance and looking presentable call or write us today.