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Los Angeles Real Estate Showcases High-End Landscape Lighting

High end luxury home and property owners aren’t slack when it comes to showcasing the architectural features of their landscape designs. These folks know the value of well planned landscape lighting. Garden post lights, decorative lamps, faerie lights, and automated pool lighting systems are all enhancements that can make any landscape appearance warm and inviting. Unfortunately, lighting design and lighting fixtures are sometimes ignored or not executed properly by homeowners even in places like the Hollywood Hills.

Outdoor lights not only have functional purposes but when set up correctly, can display gardens and landscaping features beautifully during the night. With so many options like color technology, and underwater lights, placing landscape lighting fixtures throughout your property can be a fun and exciting way to upgrade your investment. Smart and automated lighting systems can be set up to turn off daily as the sun goes down.

Going All In Except When It Comes To Landscape Lighting

Despite the many benefits, some homeowners might shy away in their interest towards lighting for the sake of cutting expenditures. Some homeowners simply do not understand the total value created by well thought out illuminations. What they do not realize is that landscape lighting can do more than highlight the best features of a lawn, for example. These lights frequently double as security measures with timers or motion sensors to create low-cost security. Let’s look at some of the considerations you might want to make and why hiring a professional for luxury landscape lighting installations in places like the Hollywood Hills would make sense.

Enhance the Outdoor Living Space of your Hollywood Hills Home

Accent lighting is a good way to highlight focal points and features in your yard, whether it be your walkway, shrubs, a pool, fountains, driveways, Japanese gardens, a luxury patio, or a quaint garden cabin. Adding strategically positioned accent lights, garden lights and color-changing lighting surrounding your desired focal points are really artistic and effective ways of catching visitors’ attention.

Outside living areas should be designed to enhance comfort and pleasure so do not let the absence of appropriate lighting diminish your outdoor evening experiences.

Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles
Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles

Landscape lighting can likewise impact your guests’ experience when visiting your home. Placing lighting close to your home’s entryway gives your home a warm and welcoming glow.

When working with outside lights in your landscape design, a little experimentation with the illumination effects to create the desired ambiance can become a fun process. For example, try dimming your deck lights if you’re seeking a peaceful or romantic night time setting. Or, try an increase with the lighting for a more festive ambiance when hosting outdoor parties and gatherings.

Brighten Up Your Path Lighting

Homeowners don’t always appreciate the safety factors of outside pathway lighting and that it’s not always about aesthetics. Navigating some of the more palatial property Hollywood Hills properties at night be otherwise daunting if relying solely upon streetlights or even the lights coming from your neighbors’ homes. Consider the remote possibility that if one of your guests were to fall or injure themselves due to an inadequate lighting strategy, you could potentially face a lawsuit. As such, use in-ground or recessed lighting to guide you and your guest as you walk through your lawn could pay dividends.

Overall, placing at the bare minimum some sort of lamp posts or pathway lights in and along your walkways is a practical solution that creates safety value in addition to general usefulness.

Dissuade Thieves or Possible Intruders

Thieves usually attempt their robberies under the cover of night and prefer targets that provide deep shadow cover with low light conditions. Vandals and “activists” also appreciate under lit locations to avoid detection especially in the current political climate. With some well placed security lighting, there are fewer locations for the bad guys to lurk so there’s a greater possibility they will be discovered. If your yard is a bright, well-lit area, trespassers wandering near your property will be deterred from deeper crimes including attempts to enter your home. The more sufficiently lit your property is, the higher the probability that other individuals in the community will see them and possibly make a call for security.

Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles Evening
Luxury Real Estate in Los Angeles Evening

Better Curb Appeal, Better Home Values

Home renovations are great ways to increase property values and landscape architecture designs enhance the fair market value of a real estate property. In general, depending on several factors, most upgrades and additions will increase your property value. Outdoor lighting is considered a sleek, positive feature for most potential home buyers. By installing outdoor lights which are aesthetically commensurate with your overall property, you greatly improve the initial and overall curb appeal, which could potentially increase your property’s final selling price.

A professionally developed and lighted garden should be about visual value primarily but it needs to functional too. A well-lit landscape lighting design will be visually pleasing, offer a sense of safety and security, and increase its use throughout the year.

Architectural lighting in landscape design should not be under played. Setting up the ideal type of outside lights for your particular real estate can show to be useful and generally spectacular to look at. If you’re serious about your investments, hire the best lighting designer for your Hollywood Hills home today, you will not likely regret doing so.

Credit for this blog goes to Luis Pezzini of Pezzini Luxury Homes in Los Angeles. If you happen to be in the market for listing, buying or even leasing a luxury home in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills and outlying Hollywood areas, check out Pezzini Luxury Homes today.