Digital Controls Used in Landscape Lighting

The convenience of digital timers in landscape lighting is invaluable.  When installing landscape lighting systems for clients, the question of how and when the lighting system turns on and off is an important consideration. In the past, installers typically incorporated analog timers into the transformer to turn the lights on and off at specific times. The problem with analog timers is that they rarely keep good time over the season, losing or gaining time as the season progresses. Secondly, and most importantly, they do not account for the changing sunset/sunrise times as the season progresses or take into account daylight savings time changes each spring and fall. These issues require constant adjustment. Add to this the fact that some installations have more than one transformer and the problem becomes more challenging as timers are not synced.

Digital timers resolve these issues and automatically determine exact sunset and sunrise times daily throughout the year. They can also be programmed to account for daylight savings time shifts. The digital timer requires some input data such as zip code for geographical sunset times, time, and date.

This technology allows a simple turnkey approach for many clients who want the landscape to be lit just before sunset each day and then to go off at a preset time.

On larger lightscaping installations, multiple transformers can be synced together to keep exact time as all the digital timers are programmed together.

More recently, digital timers have been integrated and then are set and programmed by smart phone apps which allow either installers or homeowners to preset times that work best for them. In addition, the apps allow homeowners and business owners to override the programmed times and extend or curtail the lights with a simple on/off switch icon. This gives many of our clients the freedom to control the lighting at will.

Technology that allows our clients the ability to program and turn lights on and off with a phone app makes everybody happy. To learn more about digitally timed lightscaping installations or to schedule an on site visit call or write us today.