Color Control Technology Used In Landscape Lighting

As landscape architecture and lighting seasons emerge here in the northeast, we see the newest tech trends making their way into our hardscape and landscape designs. As mobile phones have replaced individual laptops, televisions and cameras to give us the power to manage our work, learning and entertainment, we now have outdoor landscape lighting as yet another area whereby we can create more vibrant and stimulating interconnected spaces with the help of LED and wifi technology. (featured image courtesy of Miami Landscape Lighting)

The History of Landscape Lighting Technology

When the field of landscape lighting was in its infancy, the technologies were limited to plug-in incandescent bulbs which had limited ranges of color, light output and overall life expectancy. Bulbs were fragile and typically lasted 5,000 hours at most. Light output at that time may have been sufficient for most applications but it came at the cost of higher wattage, thereby creating higher electrical costs.

With the advent of LED technology and plug-in bulbs, these products have become less fragile and are now able to withstand the rigors of outdoor and seasonal environments. Bulbs began to achieve 35,000 hour lifespan ratings and even now we are seeing bulbs rated for lifespans of up to 50,000 hours. This translates to a roughly ten-fold increase in life span.

Perhaps the best benefit of LED technology for outdoor landscape lighting is that high light outputs now require very low operating wattage and only a fraction of the power is needed to illuminate the LED bulbs. This reduces electrical costs significantly for the consumer.

Incandescent Bulb vs LED

In the recent past, we were considerably limited to color specific LED bulbs. While most end users tend to prefer warm white tones to enhance their outdoor living spaces, there are times when vibrant colors are desired for the celebration of a birthday party or other festivity for example.

Color specific bulbs can still be purchased and temporarily installed into each individual outdoor light fixture to create fully customized ambient lighting effects, however, current LED technology is now allowing individual bulb color to be changed without the need to physically remove the bulb. So let us introduce to you . . Chameleon Lighting!!

Chameleon Lighting

The next evolution of LED bulb technology is just now emerging. This 2020 season has given us the debut of Chameleon LED bulbs! These new bulbs can be fully customized in the categories of color temperature and hue which can be set, monitored and adjusted with the use of a mobile app and over a simple wifi connection. The user can now create infinite color options with the touch of a button.

These desert palms give us a good sense of the kinds of contrasts we can achieve with the new Chameleon lights. Even among the most arid and dry desert conditions of places like the southwest, the cool blue tones give visitors the sense of being in an oasis. Add the effect of the inset stones to the backdrop of a pool and we have an almost heaven on earth experience.

Brilliance Chameleon Lights on Palm Trees

Even in cases where vibrant colors are not desired, the subtle customization of warm tones versus cooler tones allow a landscape lighting designer to accentuate the silver green color of an evergreen tree with one color for example, while enhancing the warm tones of brownstone with another color. Combined with the ability to customize each fixture in order to create a desired lighting effect, we now have the ability to bring outdoor landscape lighting composition to another level of aesthetic value.

Additionally, two or more lighting fixtures can be grouped together to create unique clusters of lighting patterns simply and efficiently. Like other LED bulbs, the Chameleon bulbs do not degrade efficiency or life span. This provides a wonderful way to upgrade an aging lighting system by replacing old technology with customizable and efficient technology simply by swapping out the old bulbs for the newer ones.

How The New Lighting Technology Works

Once the Chameleon bulbs are integrated into the outdoor lighting fixtures, simply download the Brilliance Smart app onto your mobile device, connect 1 or a series of Chameleon bulbs via wifi to the app and start the party!

Brilliance Apps Landscape Lighting Controls

By changing the lights to a cobalt blue, for example, we create a club-like atmosphere on the back terrace that literally changes the mood of the event. A child’s birthday party may have us create a lighting effect that mirrors the child’s favorite colors. Holidays are even more festive when the outdoor lights reflect the colors of that holiday. The options are infinite and once the party is over, the lights can easily return to their original white color via settings within the mobile app.

Bringing The Resort Feel To Backyard Spaces

By integrating the Chameleon bulbs into the outdoor landscape architecture, homeowners and businesses can now enjoy technology typically seen limited to high-end resorts and clubs right in their own backyard living spaces. The best part is that this technology does not come with the high-end resort price tag. Chameleon bulb technology is yet another way to elevate the art of light within your landscape.

To experience the Chameleon lighting technology in your backyard, schedule an on site demo with Boston Lightscaping today!