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Landscape Lighting, Novelty or Investment?

Busy professionals who work long days or spend considerable hours on the road can truly appreciate their leisure time at home, often entertaining with family and friends. Career driven and motivated individuals with more discerning tastes understand the benefits that welcoming yet functionally elegant home environments have on rest and revitalization. Those who own homes typically seek to find ways of adding aesthetic value to their real estate and through custom landscape architectures which enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor living spaces. Naturally, custom landscape lighting systems which can maximize the visual impacts of these landscapes are becoming more popular.

Recently, Boston Lightscaping completed a stone terrace project for clients who understood value in good design and quality of materials. Their installation was elaborate, consisting of surrounding seat walls, a gas fire pit, and an outdoor kitchen bar. Once their hardscape was in place and a true appreciation for the beauty of the design was realized, the clients proposed to exceed their initial budgetary goals in order to light this cozy nook designated for evening guest entertainment. After thoughtful consideration of light styles and placement of fixtures for the lighting system, the design which brought the most aesthetic value to their hardscape was chosen.

Their lights were then installed and carefully wired into the stonework. Next, with the assistance of the tech savvy homeowner, a mobile app to control the lighting system was downloaded and provisioned. The day following the installation, we returned to receive feedback from the clients and this is what they had to say . .

We spent weeks laying stone, building the kitchen bar and moving dirt to the cost of $50k and these lights were the highlight! It was the best investment made on this project.”

People often do not realize the impact that well designed lighting systems can have on created outdoor spaces and without the proper landscape lighting strategy, there’s the potential of missing out on a relatively low cost but high yield result for their base lightscaping investment. Our hope is that all potential customers might appreciate these clients’ experience when considering the value of landscape lighting at the beginning of an outdoor project. The question comes down to whether clients perceive landscape lighting as a low value novelty or as part of an overall investment into something more equitable and satisfying.

Current landscape lighting system technologies can last for decades with proper maintenance and care. They use very little energy, are programmable and can truly compliment a person’s evening lifestyle. To discuss how Boston Lightscaping can add value to your outdoor spaces call or write us today.